Gay men say they were molested by masseuses during sex sessions

NEW YORK (AP) Gay men who say they experienced unwanted sexual touching from masseuses say they didn’t know about the policy until they complained and were told they couldn’t do anything about it.

New York Magazine reports that about half of the men who came forward with the accusations against masseuses were men who had been performing sex work before they came forward.

The masseuses are not named, but the magazine says they work in New York and other cities and say they have contracts with a wide range of clients, including gay men.

The New York City health department declined to comment, but a spokeswoman for the Health Department told the magazine that it had received reports of sexual harassment and abuse in the past and was working with agencies and other organizations to identify and stop them.

The Health Department said it had no policy requiring gay men to sign confidentiality agreements, and that the health department would be reviewing the allegations and any allegations of misconduct by those involved.