How to make your back massager feel good again

You may not have heard of a back massage until you saw this: A video showing a man massaging his back was uploaded to the internet in November 2016.

He then took to social media to share the video with his friends, who then shared it widely.

In 2017, the video was picked up by the popular news site TMZ.

Now, two years later, the masseuse behind the video is back again, this time with a new and improved version.

He has put up a Facebook page and is now asking fans to vote on the video’s winner.

The man in the video, known as Joe, said he wanted to share his story because he believed it was important to share what happens to our backs after a massage.

“People are always telling me how I need to do a back massage.

I just want to make it clear that my back does not hurt after a back Massage.

You can have it and you can have any kind of massage you want to do.

It does not mean you need to be a massage therapist,” Joe said in the post.

“If it’s not painful, don’t do it.”

A photo posted by Joe (@joe_joe) on Aug 15, 2017 at 9:16am PDTThe video, titled “It’s not going to hurt, but it’s a lot of fun” and filmed on a cellphone, shows a man in a bathing suit massaging himself.

“It was not a lot,” Joe told The Associated Press in a phone interview.

“The whole time it was just a normal, healthy back massage.

It was like it was a massage of sorts.

I wasn’t doing anything.

I didn’t have to do anything.”

Joe said the video wasn’t meant to be controversial.

“I was just making fun of people who think that you can’t massage your back without hurting yourself,” he said.

Joe said he was inspired to create the video by his own experience.

He is a certified massage therapist and said he has been working with people who have had back issues for years.

He said he had been seeing a chiropractor and physical therapist for more than a decade, but he was never able to get the right kind of treatments.

“I was trying to get my back fixed, and I didn`t know what else to do,” he told AP.

“So, I was looking for a way to help people.

That`s what I did with the video.”

Joe is one of many massage therapists who have started using social media in an attempt to share their experiences.

The website is one example of many.

In a Facebook post in August, an anonymous user wrote that “my masseuse and I are sharing the video of him massaging my back with a million of you.”

The site also has a Facebook group called Backmassagers that is for massage therapists, including Joe.

In that group, a man named Andrew says he has “experienced pain for over 20 years.”

He said his experience was similar to Joe’s.

“My back is fine,” he wrote.

“There was no pain.

I got out of the bath and I went to the shower.

I washed my face.

I went back to my body.”

Andrew said he believes the video helped many massage professionals.

“For people like me, it was really important to be able to share this experience.

People were looking for some sort of support to share it with,” he explained.”

So many people were able to see it and share it.”

The Backmassages Facebook page has over 3,700 members, including several massage therapists.

Many massage therapists believe the video can help other people with back issues, such as people who are tired of going through the motions and want a more therapeutic massage.

Joe said that he believes that the video helps other people who want a “better, more natural experience.”

Joe told the AP that he decided to take the video public because he had heard it was possible to “make a difference” after a successful massage.

“This is a very common question I hear from people who haven’t had a successful Massage in a while, so I figured it was something I could share with people,” he shared.