The best massage schools in India

India has one of the best massage parlours in the world, with a wealth of massage therapy schools opening all over the country.

The popularity of the massage therapy is growing.

This article gives you a brief rundown of some of the most popular massage schools that operate in the country, along with how they’re funded, who runs them and what benefits you can expect.1.

Maitreya Massage Centre & Spa in Mumbai2.

Sushuraya Massage School in New Delhi3.

Sanyal Massage Center in Mumbai4.

Sankal Massagery in Bangalore1.

Massage Therapy School in India2.

Massageshop in Bangalore3.

Massageryshop in Mumbai1.

Surya Massage Shop in Delhi2.

India Massage Parlour in New York3.

India massage school in Mumbai5.

Massaging Therapy School at a Nepali Centre in Mumbai6.

Massage Therapy Shop in India1.

Yoga Massage in India 2.

Massure Therapy School and Spa in Bangalore