Massage parlor, massage recliner to open in Scarborough

A massage parlor will open in Toronto’s Scarborough neighbourhood, after a decade of struggle to find a location in a city with so many.

The new facility will be on the site of a former massage parlour, and will offer massage and bodywork services to adults and children.

It is being billed as a model of affordable residential living.

“It’s going to be a very safe, quiet place,” said the owner of Massage Parlor.

“People who come here will be in a comfortable environment, and the people who come will be very respectful of the property and what’s happening there.”

The business was established in the mid-1990s in the area of Scarborough Common and Bloor Sts., but it has struggled to find an appropriate location.

The Scarborough Common neighbourhood was designated a priority for the redevelopment of a large strip of land near Lake Shore Blvd.

and Highway 407, but it remains a dangerous area, with a high number of shootings and assaults.

According to a study by the Canadian Association of Police Organizations, one in five shootings in Scarborough was related to drug use.

After years of trying, a temporary location was found in the Scarborough Common neighborhood, but the owner eventually found a temporary home that could be rented out for $100 a night.

In January 2017, the owner and other business owners announced they would be moving the business into a more permanent location on Bloor Street.

A temporary location on the Bloor side of Bloor was recently vacated, and plans are in place for the temporary location to be moved to a new location in Scarborough Common.

The business will also offer massage therapy.

Mick Janssen, president of the Greater Toronto Council, said the city is moving in the right direction.

He said the new business would be a welcome addition to the neighbourhood and would bring more people into the neighbourhood.

Janssen said the community should not be left out of the process.

“We need more people to come into our neighbourhoods and we need them to be welcoming,” he said.

“The more we’re welcoming and inclusive and inclusive of the neighbourhood, the better off everyone is.”

Jansson said that the community has been waiting for the right place to open.

Toronto has seen a number of similar projects recently, including the opening of a massage parlcour in Scarborough.

At the time, Mayor John Tory told the Toronto Sun he hoped the new massage parlar would provide an alternative to the area’s notorious drug dealing.

But in the end, the new facility could not find a permanent home.