When you’re in need of a new massage chair, Amazon offers a few options

You’ve probably heard of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, a site where anyone can earn a commission for doing work.

But the company doesn’t currently offer a free one-time, automated massage program.

Amazon is offering a $3,000 massage chair for free to its Mechanical Turk users.

And if you’re looking to get the most out of your massage, Amazon is giving you a $300 chair.

The company says the chair is designed to help you “make a positive impact in your life” by offering “the ultimate in ergonomic support.”

You’ll need to pay $300 for the chair to be sent to you, and Amazon will send a survey back once you’ve signed up.

Amazon says it also offers “an incredible variety of massage products to help increase your massage-awareness, self-confidence, and energy levels.”

But there’s no guarantee you’ll get one of these chairs.

We’re not sure how many Mechanical Turk members will actually buy a $600 chair.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

For some people, the idea of a massage chair might sound crazy.

Amazon’s offer is so good that we’ve seen the company advertise a massage room that’s a $1,000-per-person room.

But for many people, massage chairs might be more appealing than Amazon’s free offer.

Amazon is offering this chair to Mechanical Turk subscribers for $3 and is sending the survey back.

The company says it’s working on a new offer to make this a free, automated program.