What to know about the massager with the new clitoral plug that can make you feel more sexy

Posted November 23, 2018 08:30:24The new clitoris-plug has gone from niche novelty to hot new thing in the massaging world.

It’s the new plug.

It’s a new clitoraleutomusis toy.

And it’s been hailed as the new massager.

But there’s more to the clitoraleutrautomuis plug than just massaging.

I’m here to tell you what the clitoral plugs actually do.

And why the plug is so sexyNowadays, massagers are made of silicone.

They’re meant to stimulate the clitoris, and that’s not a good thing.

A study published last year in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that using a clitoral massager for five minutes was more likely to make someone feel aroused than using a hand held vibrator or a vibrator that vibrates when you rub your clit.

But a new study published in the journal Pain Research, published by the American Academy of Pain Medicine, shows that a massager can actually make you more aroused.

It found that using the clitorally stimulated massager on women over a week after the last time they had sex made them feel more aroused than those who had used a vibrating device for more than three weeks.

The study, led by the University of Maryland’s Josephine G. B. Whelan, looked at the results of over 1,000 women who used a clitorally-stimulated massager between October and February, and then again between June and August.

Participants were asked to report how aroused they felt the next day.

In total, the researchers found that the massagers were able to make a woman feel more sexually aroused than a hand-held vibrator.

But this was not due to the massage itself, or the fact that they were using a vibrators that vibrate when you vibrate your clits, or that they used a more powerful one.

The research team analyzed data from the participants, who were asked how aroused women were after the massages.

The women were asked about the number of times they had been aroused before the next time they used the massaged body part.

The researchers used the data to determine how much the massagethis massaging was linked to the participants’ ratings of arousal, and whether there was an overall correlation between the number and intensity of orgasms.

The researchers found the clitorae were stimulated more than a third more often, compared to the hand-holding vibrators.

More specifically, the women were stimulated about twice as often on average after a massaged clitoral head massage, compared with a handheld vibrating massager or a hand operated vibrator, and more than twice as frequently after a hand massaged vulvar stimulation, compared at the time of the massage, when the researchers were comparing the two types of vibrators, compared the participants.

This is not the first time that scientists have found a link between massages and arousal.

Researchers found a correlation between a massage and arousal in an earlier study.

But the researchers also looked at whether massages made people feel more relaxed, and the results showed that the majority of women felt less relaxed after a massage.

The massager in question, the Lush Naturals Nude Massage Wand, has been around for quite some time.

It is designed for the clitorals and is meant to be inserted in the vagina and vulva, not the anus.

This allows it to be more discreet and also helps women to feel less embarrassed about their bodies.

But as you can see from the video below, the mass has also been marketed as an effective tool for massaging the clitores.

The massagers in question are called the Nude Wand.

The company sells the wand for $45 on Amazon.

The clitoral insert is a little smaller, at 4.6 millimeters in diameter and has an attached clitoral pad, which is inserted with a little bit of force and pressure.

The clitoral pads on the Nudes are made out of silicone, and they’re a bit larger than a regular clitoral stimulator.

This means that the vibrations from the mass can penetrate deeper into the vulva.

Some people also find the Naturales Nude to be too large for their vulva when using it.

The Lush product description says that the Nudistans Nude is meant for “every woman who wants to experience the pleasure of massaging her clitoris.”

I can understand why this is the case, but it seems like the Lushes Nude could be a bit too big for some people.

The massaging device has a clitoris plug that you can insert directly into your vagina.

However, the product also has a pad that you place on your vulva and a clitoraleuter.

That’s why the mass is more comfortable when you’re in the vaginal position than when you