How to get a massage from a Chinese massage therapist

Swedish massage therapists are making waves around the world.

And they’re doing it in Sweden.

Swedish health authorities say the nation’s massage therapists, known as “lingam” massage therapists and “klempas” massage studios, are a growing source of income for Swedish massage businesses.

They’re now making more money than doctors, dentists and other medical professionals in the country.

The Swedish Health Service (Sahlgrenska Skriftet) said they have increased by more than 40% in the last year alone.

But the practice has attracted the ire of Sweden’s health care industry.

Sweden’s health minister has described them as a “laundry service” that provide “slightly better services” than “real doctors”.

The health ministry has banned the practice, but the massage therapists continue to operate in the shadows.

Now, the Swedish Association of Local Health Authorities has called on the country’s national health authority to ban the practice altogether.

The association’s president, Katrin Blaustein, told news agency TT that she believes that “the practice is harmful and should be banned”.

“We have to be concerned about the health and welfare of the citizens of Sweden and the whole country,” she said.

The government, meanwhile, has not yet decided whether it will ban the massage therapy.