Which massage and erotic massage therapist has the hottest website?

In the wake of recent reports of women using massage machines to “stimulate” and “control” their husbands, a new internet-based service has sprung up to provide services like massage therapy, bondage and cunnilingus.

The site, called Massage Finder, offers massage therapy services from top-selling masseuses, massage therapists and other professionals who specialize in erotic massage and massage sex.

According to a Fox News report, Massage Finder has raised nearly $2 million in funding.

The company was founded in June by the former massage therapist, Massy Davenport, a porn star and reality TV personality.

The website features a large list of professional massage therapists in their field who are featured on its homepage, including masseuses from major American and international massage parlors.

Many of these therapists have been on the porn or sex TV shows for years, including Melissa Lynn, a massage therapist from San Diego, California, and James Bailey, who was the director of massage therapy for a massage therapy company called Tantric X. Bailey was fired from TantricX after his wife reported he had an affair with another masseuse, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Bailey has denied the allegations.

But a video from a MassageFinder session that was published on the website last week was taken by a woman who said she had been abused by Bailey in 2012.

“He used me as a sex slave,” the woman says in the video.

“I thought it was a way to bring back my sexuality, and I was so naïve, I was naive.”

She says she was “sexually violated by the man, and it made me very sad and I started crying.”

The woman says she left the massage therapist and went to another masseur who “got her attention” and she “spoke about it.”

Bailey denied that he abused the woman.

But Massagefinder has a long history of controversy.

In 2016, Massifyx was fined by the Federal Trade Commission for advertising on its website that it could “help you achieve your dream of becoming a porn actress, including giving you a great massage, helping you achieve an orgasm, and making you feel good,” according to a news release.

The FTC charged MassifyX with promoting an unsolicited commercial solicitation of an audience of consumers who had not purchased a product or service from Massify.

The commission fined Massify for $1,500 and ordered the company to “cease and desist all advertising.”

In April, a federal judge blocked Massify from selling massage services to consumers on its site for a year, ruling that the company violated federal antitrust laws.

In September, a judge issued a temporary injunction preventing Massifyxs business from operating as an advertising service for massage therapists.

The injunction is being stayed pending a trial.

In June, a Florida judge ruled that Massify’s advertising of massage services was not an advertisement for an offer of services and the company should be barred from offering those services.

“Massage Finders existence as a massage therapists business is not an endorsement of Massagex or Massify,” the judge wrote.

In a statement, Massages director of public relations Jennifer Gorman said the company is “profoundly saddened” by the court order and “devastated” by its customers’ pain and anxiety.

“We are confident we have the right to defend ourselves in the courts, and we are confident that our customers are,” Gorman wrote in the statement.

Massage Founder said it has not seen the court ruling and is working with law enforcement to resolve the case.